U of D Lacrosse Booster Club

Welcome to the UofD Lacrosse Booster site. As you know attending U of D Jesuit is the experience of a lifetime. The purpose of the LAX Boosters is to keep the Cub Lax community growing. In our effort to do so we are building the community through registration of Current player parents and Alumni of the program. You will find new LAX Gear here throughout the year for purchase. The prices will show the purchase price and the Booster contribution amount. The contributions will go towards many different things that the team may need throughout the year. These things include but are not limited to Summer LAX programs, Uniforms, Team Equipment, Tournament expenses, Food and Beverage on Game Days. Additionally, we will provide season updates for Future Cubs, Current Cubs and Cub Alumni. These updates will include schedule, standings, events, and camps.
Thanks you for taking the time to stop by!
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